For cleaner coasts

Rédigé le 30/07/2022
Philippe Odoux

Sunday, 9:00 am at Aptos Beach (Santa Cruz) more than 100 people are expected to clean every inch of the ground.

This operation is organized by the Santa Cruz Town Hall itself in order to prevent the deterioration of this beautiful natural habitat.

The "Foreshore Actions" are cleaning operations involving associations but also schools and libraries.

The foreshore, this part of the coastline discovered at low tide, is indeed a very rich but fragile part of the ecosystem of the seaside as well, manual cleaning is the preferred method to preserve the environment, as opposed to mechanical cleaning which makes it impossible to leave behind any natural waste such aseaweed, wood, shells, a source of food for fish and birds, especially during the Winter period.

This cleaning is thus very useful for the biodiversity but also for the maintenance of the sand and the fixation of the dunes by the plants— it contributes to the fight against the erosion of the coasts. The evacuation of waste will be carried out using animal traction, to prevent further pollution.

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