Meet: Kevin Sten

Rédigé le 30/07/2022
Philippe Odoux

Don't pay attention to his relatively young age (28), Kevin was part of the founding group of the Danish Coast Protection Group, in 1998.

At this time, he was only 16 but his commitment to the future of our planet was already very strong in his heart.

It was last July that Kevin came for the first time in the USA, he was following his girlfriend Jenna, who had recently relocated to California for a job. When he arrived on the Pacific Coast, he was shocked.

"It's insane how below are the USA about coast cleaning, compared to Europe" the couple explains. "We had to do something here, we had to help".

From then on, Kevin founded our association and helped us to get structured, to schedule and organize our meetings, and he's the one who had the idea of this app.

We had to do something here, we had to help

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