Cleaning equipment for California's beaches

Rédigé le 30/07/2022
Philippe Odoux

Cleanliness is everyone's business

You'll find this motto almost everywhere, known by everyone yet not often followed.

Councils have made it their duty to apply it and to decline it in all its forms. Beaches are no exception. Especially since holidaymakers are increasingly demanding and sulk some beaches if they are not regularly maintained. Many companies have understood the economic implications of this requirement and have created many machines that clean up strikes very early in the morning before they are invaded by tourists. A few days ago, Gold Bluffs Beach was chosen as a venue for demonstrations of equipment and machines.

The representatives of some twenty coastal municipalities had traveled to discover the new technologies. The professionals had carried in their baggage not less than five different gear; Raking machines, self-propelled model, roller working machine, leveling blade, humidifying sprinklers.

Over the course of the demonstrations, the elected representatives of the various municipalities were able to better understand the new technologies in cleaning beaches. Gears whose prices are often very expensive but which are now indispensable.


The case of Fort Bragg

Papers, miscellaneous waste, the machines quickly picked up these kind of trashs, but the case takes a whole different turn when it comes to bulky waste sometimes weighing several tons like trees, trunks, branches.

The Fort Bragg resort knows very well the issue. Located at 275 km of San Francisco, Fort Bragg recovers the dead trees and other plants plucked and then transported by the river during heavy rains . 

The Fort Bragg council must therefore employ heavy means and at its own expense to clean the beach.

In the end, the demonstration of the machines convinced the elected representatives of their usefulness and necessity. It will still take the helping hand of the local community to clean up the natural "waste", but these "waste-devouring monsters" machines are definitely a step forward nonetheless. 

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